Our Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

Our Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

Despite all of our knowledge on processes of filming and of the cheap special effects some of them have used, we still cannot get enough of horror films. There are many theories on people’s fascination with them, but further analyzing just destroys the joy we get out while watching. They are artworks on their own so here are the top 10 horror movies of all time that you must watch if you are a fan of horror.  

10. Halloween 1978 – 2018

Thirty years have gone by since the first Halloween movie came out. It struck audiences so much that the Halloween movies became a cult, must-see franchise for horror buffs. There aren’t much people who can sit still and be indifferent while thinking of the murderer’s face from this movie series. Pure and powerful evil has always been a frightful subject.R

9. Carrie 1976

Other than being a great reminder of consequences from high school bullying, Carrie has been an inspiration for new generations of horror films, including its many remakes. The strict religious methods of raising Carrie give us enough chill to begin with. Not to take in mind the attitude she gets from her school mates and the occasional supernatural occurrences that culminate at the end. It is a study on female sexuality and also on the dangers on human actions and power. 

8. Nightmare on Elm Street 1984

What makes Freddy Krueger even more frightful than other villains is that he lurks in the place we feel safest – our dream world. Other than giving us the chance to see young Johnny Depp, Nightmare on Elm Street has also given some scary nightmares to many generations of children. The film researches the boundaries between our dreams and reality, giving them an interesting twist with adding a damaged character such as Freddy Krueger. 

7. IT 2017

The main villain in this film is someone you don’t expect: a friend of children birthday parties, a jokester and a person dressed in the colors of the rainbow – a clown. Based on the novel of Stephen King and on a disappointing TV mini-series from the 90’s, IT successfully evokes our deepest childhood fears and leaves us amazed and petrified. 

6. Silence of the Lambs 1991

“Quid pro quo, Clarice, quid pro quo”. Hannibal Lector is a character that will always throw shivers down our spine. Silence of the Lambs is a study of a twisted intelligent mind who has the need to eat human flesh. It is a classic serial killer, psychology thriller film that will reveal to us new facts about the human psyche. 

5. The Grudge 2002

The grudge is a popular American horror movie; but have you heard of the original one, made in Japan in 2002? Both of them offer unique touches to the stories but if you really want to feel the horror and get immense lack of sleep the next couple of days then go for the original version of the grudge. The authentic Japanese culture and way of filming provide the viewer with more empathy for the characters and thus with more fright and suspense. 

4. The Exorcist 1973

Exorcist is a movie classic and has been used as a reference in many other pieces of art. This classic horror film uses our fears of the unknown in the cleverest way possible. The fight between good and evil is the most frightening thing one can imagine and that subject is uniquely presented in this film. There isn’t anything scarier than the possession of an innocent, clean soul by the purest evil imaginable. 

3. Psycho 1960

Psycho is a classic that has revolutionized certain film making techniques and has created the base for psychological horror thrillers. The black and white atmosphere, the blond damsel in distress, the mysterious villain and the cleverness of the film director are the elements that make it both frightful and delightful to watch. 

2. The Ring 1998

It is based on Japanese mythological stories and dances and has become a cult horror film of the 20thcentury. The villain, Sadoko currently is a cultural icon in Japan and is being featured at sporting and cultural events. The film director has spoken about this movie at art museums as it is exploring people’s fear of technology, boredom and the unknown. 

1. The Shining 1980

A horror list isn’t complete if the Shining hasn’t been mentioned. This movie masterpiece was groundbreaking for the art world of cinema. It is still unsurpassed and on top of the horror charts. So much energy was put in the film, that the main female role developed mental health issues after the filming. This magnificent adaptation of a Stephen King novel has brought us the gift of many cult scenes and new concepts of the horror genre.

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