The Essential Family Reunion To-Do List

The Essential Family Reunion To-Do List

As time goes by, our paths and the paths of those we find dear to our hearts might start to diverge. With our fast-paced way of life we may discover family distance appearing. 

A great way to ensure this doesn’t happen and to keep closer that which is dearest to us is having frequent family reunions. This is a great way to catch up with relatives and create new memories. While doing so you should stay organized and make a to-do list, here’s what to put on it:

When and Where

A great beginning on deciding on the date and location of your reunion is consulting the rest of your family. You don’t want to organize a family reunion and have half of your family not show up because of their unchangeable schedules. 

 You can organize the event at the park, at the beach, in a banquet hall, in a hotel or even a spa resort. Usually the types of restaurants and hotels that organize big events give discounts and special offers for big reunions. Some of them offer their own videographers and catering services. 

If you decide to organize your reunion in nature then check weather conditions for the planned dates. For finding the perfect date and location make a group chat, social media pool or an excel spreadsheet which will help you manage all of your relative’s available dates. 

Think of Details

Memories that last longer are all about the details. Think of hiring people to welcome the guests, or make custom name cards with your family nicknames. Plan those fun activities whether its beach volleyball, board games, a dance off or solving a mystery puzzle. 

To strengthen your family bond design your own family tree logo and Give your relatives free gifts by which they will remember the event like custom printed T-shirts, tote bags or key chains. Get creative while choosing your details, there are lots of ideas out there. You can even put a large empty book, fill it with family memories and then put it in a fancy pirate chest or burry it underground. Make a time capsule to ensure these reunions become tradition. 

Whatever you decide for the reunion details, make sure to put them in your list. You may think of a hundred ideas and if you don’t write them down they will eventually disappear.


You have organized the whole event, now is the part for putting the cherry on top. Add your classy, unique touch by printing customized invitation cards. You should choose the look of your invitations depending on the theme and atmosphere you want for the event. A good idea is adding a joke or a funny situation known only to your family. Try to invoke emotions with the design. These kinds of things will make your family members RSVP for sure. 

With the invitations you should also include travel and sleeping solutions (if you have relatives living abroad), maps of the area, attractions nearby and what should they wear or bring depending on the type of event and weather conditions. 

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